About us.

Hello friends, you are wholeheartedly welcome to wegnam jewellery.

Through Wegnam Jewellery, I inform my users about a better and better quality and design product.

Through this site, I direct my users to that product, which is completely safe and certified. As you know this website is told about gold jewellery, there are many ricks in buying gold jewelery online.

We deal with jewelery that is completely safe, so that you do not suffer any kind of loss.

(my story)

My name is Munna Alam, I am from Kishanganj, Bihar, India.

I have entered the world of blogging very late, I started blogging in the year 2013, so I will say that I did not know,

I learner to create a blog through an online platform and learner to work in it, I am very little educated, due to which it took me a long time to understand blogging.

I made many websites in the meantime and due to less knowledge and less studies all failed and could not get success. I don’t know how to read English properly, I have studied only till (12th) standard in the government school of the village.

Could not study due to poverty but I was fond of working on the internet, then I started watching youtube videos and kept looking for information about blogging, it took me a long time to make a professional website.

In the beginning, when I used to create a website and write articles in it, my article was not getting rank on Google, I created many websites, due to some lack in all, the website could not rank on Google and because of that Google Adsense. Approval not received.

I still didn’t give up, finally I made Wegnam Jewellery website professionally in July 2022, I was initially confused on which topic to shift this website,

Initially on this website I started sharing information about online websites, due to not getting any good topic finally I decided to make affiliate website,

Then I created affiliate account on amazon and started sharing amazon product with full detail on this website, i saw many users are looking for such product which is new and trending, so i started working on this topic did.

Why I Created Wegnam Jewellery Website?

Online shopping is a common thing in today’s time, everyone wants to shop from home, and they are looking for new products, keeping this in mind, I have created this website.

There are a lot of ricks in online shopping, if there is any kind of deception in the low-priced item, then there is not much problem, whereas if you are cheated on buying an expensive item like gold, then there is both loss and trouble.

I wish that my users should never be cheated of any kind, so I share new designed and certified gold jewelery in these websites for my users, so that you can make a safe purchase.

All the products given in this website are certified and all these products are taken from Amazon, and all products are from Amazon’s top brands. And all the jewelery of this website is available on Amazon. Feel free to shop on Amazon through this website.

What is Products?

In wegnam Jewellery website, beautiful gold jewelery is shared to enhance the beauty and beauty of women. This site is specially for women,

Wegnam Jewelery side has silver, gold, and diamond diamond jewellery, the product is in many categories like necklaces, earrings, nose rings, chains, mangalsutra, bracelets, rings, watches, gemstones, etc.


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Note: Kindly request you not to spam message else your id may be blocked, product, website related issue or write to us to contact us. Thank you