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Top 7 Elakkathali Gold Necklace/ New Unique Designs of-2024/

Top 15 BIS Certified Elakkathali Gold Necklace Designs For Girls Or Women. with Atrective Look, classic designs, Easy to wear, Great Gift for Special occasions.

What is Elakkathali Gold Necklace?

Actually it is a South Indian language, this design is called choker necklace in India, and in South India it is called elakkathali necklace.

Elakkathali gold necklace

In this list of Elakkathali gold necklaces, we have added (5) classic design necklaces which can be worn for any occasion and special occasions.

This morden design necklace is special for girls, this necklace will suit more in the neck of all the girls, this modern necklace is a gift for those girls who like to look modern.

The gold in all these elakkathali necklaces is certified by BIS, and the gold used in all these necklaces is genuine, and all products are available on Amazon.

(1) 22KT(916) Yellow Gold Elakkathali  Necklace Set for Women-

Elakkathali Necklace

An amazingly designed necklace by WHP Jewellers, this unique, stylish and trendy necklace is a wonderful gift for festivals, weddings, anniversaries, and any other occasion.

The set of this necklace consists of 1 pair of beautiful drop gold earrings, which is quite amazing.  This earring is in same necklace color and design.  This jewelery is lightweight and budget friendly.

This elakkathali necklace is made of 22k (916) purity gold, this jewelery is studded with 37.94 grams of gold.  Certificate type, is bis, and is certified bis hallmark certificate.

This Elakkathali Gold Necklace is available on Amazon, and the necklace comes with 1 year free insurance.  View complete details by clicking on View details.

(2) 22kt (916) Yellow Gold Traditional/ Elakkathali Choker Necklace for Women

Elakkathali choker

The Elakkathali Choker Necklace is a traditional jewellery, which is made by carefully placing gold beads filled with wax for strength.  This jewelery is famous all over the world due to its lightweight and budget friendly price.

This Elakkathali gold necklace carries a 22k gold identification purity symbol (916).  Because bis requires a product made of 100% gold, and this necklace contains ingredients such as wax and thread, this jewelery does not have bis marked on it.

This jewelery is made by candere by kalyan jewellers, Kalyan Jewelers is more famous in today’s time in India, it is famous for its antique designs jewelery and purity of gold.  It is an Amazon Trusted Brand.

(3)  22k (916) Yellow Gold Choker elakkathali gold Necklace for Women

Choker elakkathali gold Necklace

This Elakkathali gold necklace is crafted from 22k (916) Yellow Gold by Senco gold Jewellers.  This is the best item for jewelery gifts, this product is lightweight and budget friendly, this gold jewelery is suited for weddings, anniversaries, festivals, functions, gifts, or any other special occasions.

This choker elakkathali gold necklace is made of 10.28 grams of metal, the total weight of this item is 10.28 grams by removing the string, and it is completely handmade, the price of this necklace is reasonable according to today’s gold price.

Bis certificate certified, and the product is available on Amazon, click on (view details) to view full details.

(4) 22k Yellow Gold, Elakkathali Necklace Elakkathali, designs for Women.

elakkathali Necklace elakkathali

Another stunning design of Senco gold elakkathali necklace elakkathali is specially gifted for girls and young ladies.

This simple design is made out of 22k yellow gold, and is studded with 10.16 grams of gold.  The total weight of this product without lanyard is 10.16 grams, which is quite lightweight.  Senco Gold Company is famous for its light weight and handmade jewellery.

  This product is suitable for special occasion wear and gifts, this product is easy to buy due to its handy price sir beautiful design.  This product is bis hallmark certified and is available on amazon, click on (view details) to see full details.

(5) 22k Yellow elakkathali necklace Gold Choker for girls.

elakkathali necklace gold

This necklace is made from 22k (916) yellow gold by Senco Gold jewellers, the necklace is light in weight and budget friendly with an attractive design.

The design of this necklace has been made from 8.66 grams of gold, according to today’s gold price, the price of the necklace is right, it is completely hand made and its making charge is also less.

This necklace is BIS hall mark certified and is available on Amazon, Senco Gold makes their products by hand crafting and antique designs, their products are more famous for being light and budget friendly.  View complete details by clicking on (view details).

Bhima jewellers: 22k Gold Necklace for Women, 8.73 g


very expensive and attractive design’s this necklace. This is perfect for wear special occasions and stylish, bis certified this item and available on Amazon. Check price.

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