Marketing plan

Example of a marketing plan

What is an example of a marketing plan? and how to do it. And what is the power of the marketing plan. Let’s know about it today.

Example of a marketing plan: Friends, marketing plan is done only if a person wants to earn money from the market. When you are reading this article, it is a matter of fact that you will have a lot of budget, and you are confused which business to do. And how to do it, so that you can make more profit.

When no one has got an idea, then in such a situation people take the help of Google. And adopt new strategies to do business. And find out how to do a marketing plan.

What is an example of a marketing plan.

When is the marketing plan done? When a person has a goal, and is ready to do anything to achieve that goal. And he does not want his goal to remain incomplete due to one mistake of his. To accomplish this goal, make a marketing plan.

If you also want to do something big in the market and you are not aware of it, then in such a situation first you need to do a marketing plan semple.

What is an example of a marketing plan?

Find the answer to these questions in yourself first. Then take a step.

  • What do you want to do?
  • Why do you want to do this business?
  • Can you do this business?
  • What is your goal?
  • do you dare?

If you have found the answers to these questions in yourself, and you are ready to grow your business, then you should collect the information related to the market.

Before starting a business, you will need to make two changes in yourself.


First fully enable yourself for your business. Keep your full focus on your Via. Keep a close watch on your business.


Take all the time out for your business. Don’t waste your precious time here and there. Give maximum time to your business. Time is money. This is an example of a marketing plan.

If you are ready to make this change in yourself then you can do business.

example of a marketing plan sample.

step: 1 = market demand

Know the market demand. Find out which product can sell the most in the market. Know the need of the people. Focus on which product people need the most. In today’s time almost every product is available in the market. There are some products that consumers have to worry about buying. Check out these products.

  • Which products do people need more?
  • Is this the right place to sell the product?
  • Will the consumer be able to buy this product?

Find the content that the consumers need the most. If you have found the product which the consumers need more, then you should check your budget, are you ready to make this product or not.

Step: 2 = Product Research

If you have found the product that people need more then research on that product. How is that product made and what is needed to make that product. Know the whole process of making that product. Do you have the budget to make that product? Do research to make that product even better.

  • How will the product be made?
  • How much will the product sell?
  • How much will it cost to make the product?
  • For how much will the product be sold?
  • How much profit will there be?

Try to make that product for less money. This will give you more profit. You will have complete information about the product, then only you will be able to improve that product. This is an example of marketing plan.

Step: 3 = Analysis

Analysis is very important for marketing plan. Analyze how to grow the business, and see who’s in your competition. Always try to get ahead of your competitors, and be fully aware of your competitors. It is impossible for business to be successful without analysis. Check in analysis.

  • How to sell more products than your competitors?
  • Why are your competitors’ products selling more?
  • How did your competitor’s product become popular?
  • How to expand business?
  • How to adopt marketing strategy?

What are the qualities of this other company’s product that consumers like more?

Analyze several of these topics. And make every impossible effort to advance the business. This is a simple example of a marketing plan.

Step: 4 = buyer’s opinion

What are the thoughts of buyers? What does he want from your company? How are buyers liking your product? Check them out. Implement a feedback system to know what buyers are thinking.

On which platform the feedback system should be enabled?

  • Gmail
  • google website
  • Tweeter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Through all these platforms, you can activate the feedback system.
Website is the best way to implement a feedback system. Create a website with the name of your product and enable the feedback system. This will help buyers to know the thinking. And you can improve your product.

Step: 5 = Upgrade

it is said. The person who does not upgrade himself on time, that person is left far behind in this crowded life. Same way upgrade yourself and your product. Keep making changes to your product.

There are many companies that fail even after being successful. Because these companies did not upgrade their product on time.
For example, like

  • nokiya,
  • micromax,
  • blackberry,
  • Sony,
  • Etc.

There are many other companies which are lagging far behind due to not upgrading their products on time. This is the best example of a marketing plan. So keep upgrading your product.

Step: 6 = advertisement

Advertising is very important to increase business. Advertise your product and spread your product name everywhere. Take help of social media. In social media you can promote your product by yourself,

  • Facebook group and facebook page
  • instagram
  • Tweeter
  • teligram group
  • Whatsapp group

are the best platforms for promotion. In these social apps, you can promote your business by yourself and increase your business. With the help of these social apps, crores of people have increased their business.

Step: 7 = location.

Before starting a business, check the location thoroughly, location plays a very important role in increasing the business. Target the location where your product can be sold the most. Target the location first and then start trading. Find the place where your business can run, and start doing business by location. so that you do not fail. Example of a Marketing plan .

Step: 8 = Brand name.

Brand name is very important for business to be successful. If you choose a brand name that is difficult to speak, you will have a hard time achieving success. Choose a unique brand name. Choose a brand name that is simple and easy to speak.

like =

  • bisleri
  • Parle
  • good day
  • goodnight
  • coca cola
  • Pepsi
  • Armani
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Samsung
  • Etc.

This name is so simple, anyone can say this name easily.

Choose a name that is short and simple, which can be spoken easily, having a name that is short and simple increases sales. Simple name helps the company to grow.

Step: 9 = scheduled time

Set a deadline for your product. Create a product that is useful for a short period of time. So that the customer has to make purchases again and again. For example,

  • Cold drinks.
  • packaging Foods .
  • Fairness Creams.
  • Electric small gadgets.
  • vehicle parts.
  • Etc.

This is a product that needs to be bought again and again. Work on a product that will be useful for a short period of time. Which consumers have to buy again and again. This leads to an increase in sales. More production leads to more profit. This is an example of a marketing plan.

Step: 10 = Maximum price rate (MRP)

Work on a product that can be manufactured at a low rate. Low-priced products tend to sell more.
MRP is very important for business, set such MRP of your product. Which is easy for customers to buy.

Customers do not have to think much before buying your product. Set an MRP that the customer can buy anytime, anywhere.


  • Bisleri water.
  • Cold drinks.
  • Fairness cream.
  • Chips packet.
  • Biscuits.
  • Etc.

Buying this product is very easy. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can buy these products. This is an example of a marketing plan. There is no risk of damage in these products. Because this product is made and ready in very low cost.

In this article, we have written the success story of a very big company, whose name is Bisleri. You must read the success story of Bisleri Company. You will get to learn a lot from this.

Bisleri is a semple marketing plan.

A simple example of a marketing plan is Bisleri. Bisleri is earning millions of crores of rupees from the market by selling water, how it was possible, and what strategy Bisleri adopted, and how it was successful, let’s talk a little about this topic, and know how Bisleri was successful.

Friends, when it comes to buying and drinking bottle water, then the name comes of Bisleri. And friends, it is a very strange story of Bisleri. India’s first bottle water selling company which started selling clean water, but instead of clean water people started recognizing this brand for Bisleri Soda.

Because this company did not get much success in the beginning to sell clean water, and then this company was bought by Parle Company because of Bisleri Soda. But Parle company is selling Bisleri water with great success.

After all, how did this brand of Bisleri become India’s largest brand of soft packet drinking watar.

Today Bisleri holds a 40% stake in around 7000 Indian package drinking water industries.

The Bisleri brand was started by an Italian businessman, Signor Falice Bisleri. Who was a businessman inverter and a chemist. Bisleri was a malaria medicine company. The Bisleri company had some setup in India, UK and US as well. Khusroo Santook of India was a legal advisor of the Bisleri company as well as a good friend of Dr. Rossi of the Bisleri family.

Khusroo Santook

Dr. Rossi had to do something big in India and he felt that his Bisleri Pani Wala concept could work well in India too. And Dr. Rossi convinced Khusroo Santook to take up the project. Khusroo Santook installed the first Bisleri water plant in 1965 in the city of Mumbai, India.

The company was in loss from the beginning, Khusroo Santook Bisleri ran the company for 4 years, and even after a lot of hard work and efforts, this company could not run. Finally Khusroo Santook decided to sell the company. 1969 Bisleri Company was bought by Jayanti Lal Chauhan, owner of Parle Company.

Khusroo Santook still regrets selling Bisleri Company. And it should be. Khusroo Santook worked very hard but not in the right direction. Khusroo Santook did not research specifically for the Bisleri company, and did not employ a marketing strategy, which led to the company being sold.

A example of a marketing plan

Jayanthi Lal Chauhan, the owner of Parle company, bought this Bisleri company in 1969 by paying 4 lakh Indian rupees. Jayanti Lal Chauhan bought Bisleri Company because of Bisleri Soda. At that time the business of Bisleri Soda was doing well. Jayantilal Chauhan did not have to work hard, because the name of Bisleri Soda was already running in the market.

Then Jayanti Lal Chauhan did research on soft dinking water. In research, it was found that there is a big shortage of clean water at the railway station of India, the passengers were not getting clean water to drink at the railway station. At that time the condition of drinking water in Indian railway stations was very bad, passengers were forced to drink dirty water from railway stations.

Then again Jayanti Lal Chauhan laid the foundation of soft drinking water, spent a lot on this project and constructed Bisleri soft drinking water.

Example of a marketing plan

Initially, when he went to the railway stations to give it, no shopkeeper was getting ready to buy Bisleri water, the shopkeepers said that who would buy water and drink it, because of this no shopkeeper was buying water, dare Not giving up, he tried everything. Every effort was made to bring Bisleri water to the railway stations.

Then Jayanti Lal Chauhan decided to keep water at the railway stations shop and also started paying the rent to the shopkeepers to keep the water bottle of Bisleri. Some intelligent travelers started buying it, due to having clean water, more sales started, travelers also started getting clean water for less money, sales of Bisleri started increasing, is the best example of a marketing plan.

And gradually brought water to all the railway stations of India, and gradually brought water from Bisleri to all the markets of India. Customers started getting Bisleri water easily in all the stores in India, this increased the sales, the demand of Bisleri poly bottle started coming fast, and the sales of Bisleri bottled water increased rapidly and today Bisleri India’s No. 1 company has gone.

So you saw what strategy Jayantilal Chauhan, the owner of Bisleri Company, adopted to run the company. This is called Example of a marketing plan.

If you also want to do any business then there is no better example than this. The seller can earn money by selling water, so why can’t you earn by doing any business, it just requires a little hard work and a little courage.

Let us know what strategy Jayantilal Chauhan, the owner of Bisleri Company, has adopted to run the company. Bisleri is Example of a Marketing Plan.

And see which of your business can be successful, it is impossible to do business without research. Even if one does, it is possible to fail. Before starting a business, do research thoroughly, research the product of your company, that product, then take steps.

Example of a marketing plan


Example of a marketing plan, if you want to start a business and you are not satisfied with the information given in this article, then you should adopt other strategy. Don’t stop Do more research. Adopt a new strategy, work harder and grow your business.

Comment us if you are satisfied with the information given in this article. If you want to do more research, visit this website. Example of a marketing plan by Neil patel.

You can download after some time Example of a marketing plan PDF.

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