How to get a girls phone number

How to get a girls phone number  Friends, in this article today, I will tell you the whole idea that you can easily get a girl’s number.  Yes, you are reading absolutely right because in this article I will tell in detail all the audio that you can easily read and talk to by getting the number of girls.  So, stay with this and read from the beginning to the end, you will get all the ideas.

There are many people who have no girlfriends and they search for unknown girls to talk to them.  But they cannot get any number, even after trying hard, they are not able to get any girl’s number.  This is the reason why people search in Google to find out how to get a girls number in Google, how to get a girls phone number.It is not for baby boy.

Important notice

How to get a girls phone number After searching on Google, there are many websites that give girls WhatsApp numbers for free, for your information, let me tell you, the number of girls is given on the website, all the numbers are thrown.  You might have also tried and not called.  Because that number is closed, taking advantage of this, many bloggers put that closed number in their website, so that people feel that it is a WhatsApp number of real girls.

One thing let me clear you clearly, you cannot get any girl’s number from any website.  Because winning is also the number of girls in the website, it is all fake number or the number which is closed forever is the number.  The question is why bloggers do this, so one of the main reasons for this is to attract people towards them.  By showing the number, bloggers increase the visitors in their website, thereby earning their income.

But I will not do this with you at all, nor will I give any girls’ number in this How to get a girls phone number list.  I will tell you all the ways by which you can easily get a girl’s number. Now after getting the number, how to impress her is your job, my aim is just to get information.  So read this article in its entirety.  In this article, I will tell you 4 ways by which you can easily find out the number of any girl.  So let’s start.

How to get a girls phone number online 4 Easy ways.

What are the 4 ways by which we and you can get the number of any girl?  That is the way social media apps.  Yes, social media apps are apps with which millions of people from different countries are connected.  Social media is most famous in the world at the moment, its great features and the feature of connecting with each other is amazing.  Our and your objective is to get the number of girls and talk to them through these social media apps.  So let’s know how to get a phone girls number and what are those four apps.

  1. Facebook Group
  2. Whatsapp group
  3. Telegram Group
  4. Instagram

How to get a girls phone number without asking

How to get a girls phone number without asking, this question must be coming in your mind, but it is true that you can remove any girl’s number without asking Facebook WhatsApp Group Telegram Group and Instagram.  Probably many people will also know about it, and many people will not know about it, who is aware, they can remove it, which is not known.  Let’s know how to get the girl’s phone number without asking.

Ways: 1 How to get a girls phone number on facebook

First of all, Facebook is the world’s largest social media app.  This app is used by millions of people worldwide, including women and men.  This app is also used by women in large quantities. Here millions of women around the world have id profiles and those profiles also have the girl’s L number if you do not know how to remove the girl’s number from the girl’s profile.  Let us tell you how to get a girls phone number.

You must have Facebook apps and in Facebook you must also have an ID.  When you open Facebook, you will get posts from all your friends. If a girl is your friend in your Facebook ID, it is a good thing that you will not need to find it.

If a girl is not your Facebook friend, then click on the Facebook search bar icon.  And type any random girl’s name.  And search


  On searching, you will be shown the profile ID of all the girls by that name.  Click on the profile ID of the girl whose number you want to take.

You will see a post like this. On clicking, another page will open which will be the main profile ID of the girl.Under that girl’s name, there will be an option to see about info.  Click on See about info.

On clicking, the next page will open, where it will have full details.  Where do she come from and what is her phone number as you see in the photo.

Keep one thing in mind and many girls hide the number in their profile ID so that no one can see her number and no one can call her number.

  If you do not find the number of the girl you want to talk to or the girl whose number you want to get is hidden in her profile ID, then you also have the option to message her on Messenger. You can talk to them through Messenger.  Huh.
If you want a girl’s number, then you search a girl in the search bar of Facebook and check their profile ID in the same way, if her number is not hidden then you will get the number easily.

If after getting the girl’s number you are not able to call her number or WhatsApp is not enabled on that number then you cannot do anything.  You then remove another girl’s number from the bean process.  How to get a Girls phone number from Facebook  You must have known this method.

Ways: 2 How to get a girls phone number on whatsapp group.

The second way is WhatsApp Group WhatsApp Group is the easiest way to remove any girl’s WhatsApp number. A lot of people would know how to remove a girl’s number from a WhatsApp group, but still there are many people who do not know that  For the information of how the number of girls is removed from the WhatsApp group, let me tell you that it is very easy to remove the girl’s number from the WhatsApp group.  So let’s know how to get a girls phone number from WhatsApp group.

As you all will know, WhatsApp group is considered to be the most popular group worldwide.  This is because almost all WhatsApp users use the WhatsApp group.  Whether it  Ladies or Jens everyone use WhatsApp group.  This is because the WhatsApp group is used in all types of tasks.

Such as edu]=cation whatsapp group for education, entertainment whatsapp group for entertainment, support whatsapp group for support, ie all types of whatsapp groups are available.  And all these WhatsApp groups include both women and men.

If you do not have a WhatsApp group, please join the WhatsApp group first.  To join the WhatsApp group, click on the link below and after clicking, you will be taken to the WhatsApp group website.  Which is specially designed for WhatsApp group.  This website contains a link to the WhatsApp group of several categories.  Join any group of your choice.  [WhatsApp group links]


You must have a WhatsApp group that is available in Google, or on some WhatsApp group apps.  If a group link is on Google or WhatsApp group apps, then admin permission is not required to join such a group.  Therefore, women also join such a group.

Girls phone number

Open WhatsApp first.  Click on whatsapp group which group you have.  After opening the Whatsapp group, you will see something like this.

  Then click on the group name or icon.  After clicking on the name of the group, a new page will open where the number of all the members is shown.  A whatsapp group can consist of 257 people.

Then slowly scroll down the name and number of all the members will be visible.  Click on the number of whichever number you want, and you can message from WhatsApp itself.  And audio calls can also be video calls.

Before placing a message or call, keep control over yourself and talk properly so that he likes you and he talks to you. Mind you, your approach plays the most important role in all situations.

If your way of talking is not right, then he can refuse to talk to you and can also block your number.  So especially keep an eye on your conversation, how we want to talk.  How to get a girls phone number  You might have found another way

Ways: 3 How to get a girls phone number on telegram

It is a bit difficult to find out the girl’s number from the village, but if you try, you can get the girl’s number from here too.  For this, you must have Telegram apps, and your ID from them.  Telegram app is a very big social media app.  This app is used by millions of people all over the world.

In Telegram app, you will not get the direct number of someone, for that you will have to personally message a girl, talk to them and they will have to attract you.  You can talk to a girl through a direct message in Telegram.

Many people are thinking that our telegram is not a girl’s number saved, so how do we talk?  For this you have another option and that is Telegram Group.  Because people from different countries are connected in Telegram Group, for your information, let me tell you that a Telegram Group can consist of 200000 members.

Telegram group also includes most girls, so Telegram Group is the third best option for you.  You can get a stand reply by messaging any girl in Telegram.  If she agrees with you and likes your conversation then she will talk to you and give you her number as well.

Approach plays the most important role for any girl to impress.  If your approach is correct, then it will surely impress you.

The question of many people is how to approach to impress the girl?  I want to say that you can watch videos on Youtube, what you can learn from watching practically, you cannot learn by reading a book or reading an article.  How to impress a girl with your words.  Lots of videos are made on him, do check them out once.

To join Telegram Group, type Telegram Group link in Google.  After searching, many results will be visible, you open any page and join any one group.

After joining Telegram group, open Telegram, and just like WhatsApp group, click on the name of the group or on the icon of the group.

After clicking, the new page will open, where you will be shown the profile of all the members of the group.  You will also see a profile of a girl who is involved in that group.

If his number is not Hyde, then you will see his number. If his number is Hyde, then you will not see his number.

In the side you will get the option to message.  Click on the icon of the message and make a cute message to them.  And talk to them.  If you like it, then both of you can talk to each other wholeheartedly.  How to get a Girls phone number: This is the third easy way.

Ways: 4 How to get a girls phone number on Instagram.

How to get a girls phone number from instagram?  This is a question of a lot of people.  It is very difficult to remove a girl’s number from Instagram.  If a girl has not kept her number hidden, then the number can be easily removed.  But this does not happen, 95% of the girls in Instagram keep their number hidden so that their number is not published.

In such a situation, it is very difficult for Instagram users to remove the girl’s number from Instagram.  Instagram is one of the big social media apps.  Its features are different from the rest of the apps, it uses crores.  Instagram is quite popular among women, so women use it in large quantities.

If you use this program then you will know how difficult it is to impress any girl here. If you message any girl, she checks your status first.  If you are handsome and your look is good and your fan flowers are more, then you will want to talk to you.  Otherwise it is difficult.

Girl number

Still let me tell you how you will interact with girls on Instagram.  Open Instagram first.

Then search any girl’s name in the search bar.
The name of the name you will search will show the profile of all the girls.

  Then click on the profile of the girl you want to talk to.

Clicking on the profile will open a new page, where you will be shown its main profile.

  Here you will get two options, first to follow and second to message.  You can message by clicking on the message button.If he has put a contact button, then you will see that contact button as you are seeing in the photo.

Clicking on the contact button will get his number.

For the complete information of the account, click on the three dot, there you will be shown the complete information of that account. Where she is from, what she does, what is her username, etc.


If you are getting a number, then contact them or else you can talk to them by messaging.  How to get a Girls phone number: You must also have known the fourth way.

How to ask a girl for her number online

First of all, no girl will give you an online number.  For that you will have to work hard and you will have to impress him only then you can do the work.  As mentioned in the list of How To Get A Girls Phone Number.

You can also ask for the girl’s number online when you talk to us through the message.  There are many ways to talk, you can talk through social media apps, if he likes you then you can ask me for the number.

The simple thing is that you can talk to any girl online through an app and the number can be taken.  But yes you will get the number only if you like it.

It is better to ask for the number that you pay attention to the approach, how you approach them and how you impress them.

How can I get a girl’s phone number?

This article has been made in how to get a girls phone number.  How can you get the girl’s number and what are the easy ways.  After reading this article completely, there will be no question in your mind that how can I get a girl’s number, or how to get a girls phone number.

As far as I understood, I have told you that four ways, and it is also possible that if you adopt this method, you can easily get the number of any girl at random.

  How to ask for girl’s phone number?

How to ask for the phone number of the girl and how to ask for it so that she cannot refuse.  This is possible only when you love someone and you are unable to tell them.  What is the way to ask for the number on such situation and how to ask for it.  I believe that you can read any article, but you will not be able to adopt a better way.

If you want to get information about something, then read the article for it.  But if you want to know something personally, then for that someone will show you practically, only then you will be able to do it otherwise it is not possible.

YouTube is the best option in such situations.  If you search on YouTube how to ask for a number from a girl, you will get a lot of results in YouTube which will show you practically, if you try the same process then you will be able to do that work.  And will be able to ask any girl for her number.


If you have obtained a girl’s number, be careful to talk to them.  Your way of talking should be such that the person in front of you believes in you and wants to befriend you.  If you can attract him more with your words then it is a very good thing.  If you are not able to do this, and she refuses to talk to you, please do not message or call her again, otherwise it will be harmful for you.How to get a girls phone number, do not do any shameful work to get this information.


I hope that this article of How to get a girls phone number will prove to be beneficial for you.  How to get a girls phone number This article is specially made for those who do not know how to get a girls phone number.  If you liked this article of mine, then please let us know by commenting.

I listed 4 ways in this list that I knew if you knew more about how to find out the number of girls.  So you can tell me by commenting in the comment box.  If your suggestion is effective then we will add you suggestion to this list.  If you are facing any shortage anywhere on this list of How to Get a Girls Phone Number, then tell us, we will try our best to rectify that deficiency.  Thank you

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