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15 New Model kitty party gift ideas For Girls or Women: 2024

Top 50 kitty party gift ideas under 200-500 rs.  All these products make for a very original and trendy gift.  All these products are best for kids, men, and women.

What is kitty party?

Kitty party gift ideas: Kitty parties are special women’s community gatherings, usually held every week or month.

  In these hospitality, the ladies get to spend hours full of entertainment and fun with them.  They have fun with games, toys, novelties and a variety of gifts.

Gifts are an important part of kitty party games.  It is usually given to every woman who gives that woman a chance to have fun with him.

Due to the gifts in kitty party hospitality, women get a chance to spend time with their partners.  So let’s look for kitty party gift ideas.

You will probably find many options in choosing gifts for kitty party.  However, not all of these options may be good for all people.

  Hence, you must make sure that while choosing a gift from your shop, it takes into account the preferences and habits of the individual you are going to gift.

Kitty party gift ideas is very important, as you go on choosing gifts, you should pay attention to your budget.  Most of us are among those who do not want to spend a lot of money on their gifts.

  So, if you are having a hard time choosing a gift, then in this list of kitty party gift ideas, you will find a variety of ideas that will make your task easier.

It is a product that is specially bought to be gifted on special occasions like kitty parties, and is the most preferred gift among all women.

Kitty party gift ideas.

You can gift all the products in kitty party. This all products are specially given in festival, function, party, etc.  This product is perfect for all kitty party gift ideas.

This product is a very famous gift in today’s time, most of the people look for such products which are popular and famous.  All these products are bought for most of the gifts. You must consider these products.

Kitty party gift for ladies

1: Handbags

Kitty party gift ideas

Hand bags: The perfect and most favorite gift to gift women.  These hand bags are perfect for kitty party gift ideas.

  Hand bags can be a good choice for women, as it is used in most places, such as to keep her belongings, things, mobile phone, cards etc.This bag is better than kitty party favor bags for gifting.  Hand bags can be a very good gift for women.

Women have always used bags in most of the places.  They use bags to carry most of the things in their daily life.Bags are a beautiful item for women which gives them satisfaction with their space and beauty.

The price of this hand bags is ₹489 on Amazon, visit to know the details of the product.

2: Makeup box.

Makeup box is a master spa product that you get to mix different makeup products in one set.

This is usually a master spa collection, which provides you with the ingredients and tools you need to use makeup.

Makeup is a product used to make your skin beautiful and beautiful.  The best of kitty party gift ideas.

This can be a special kind of gift, makeup box is the most favorite product of women and it is used by almost all women in today’s time.

The price of this makeup kit is ₹339 on Amazon.  Visit to know the details of the product.

3: Hand watch.

Kitty party gift ideas

A watch for women can be perfect as a kitty party gift items.  Watches for women are used in most of the places, such as to enhance their beauty and to wait for their special occasions.

However, it all depends on whether your lady friend likes to use a watch or not.  But this product is perfect for kitty party gift ideas.

Almost all women like to look beautiful in today’s time, and everyone uses different types of jewelery to enhance their beauty, of which watch is considered to be one of the most important jewellery, and women use watch mostly in special places.  Or does it in occasions.

The price of this watch is ₹229 on Amazon, visit to know the details of the watch.

4: chocolates and a cute teddy

A handful of chocolates and a cute teddy can be the perfect gift.  This can be a beautiful and delectable gift that can be celebrated well for anyone, especially if they love to use chocolate.

Almost all women like this kind of gifts, many of these women are also those who do not like to eat chocolate, so they bring home such gifts for their children, which makes their children more happy.  .

This product can be considered for kitty party gift ideas.  The price of this product is ₹339 on Amazon.  Visit to know the details of the product.

5: Photo frame Clock

Kitty party gift ideas

This watch has been made with a very beautiful design, a photo frame has also been attached to it, which gives a very premium look.  You can set the photo of your dear one in the photo frame, which will make it look more attractive.

This watch would be the best pick for gifting.  Your lady friend will also remember you for a long time, this is one gift that is sure to fascinate everyone.  This photo frame clock is best for kitty party gift ideas.

The price of this photo frame clock is ₹399 on Amazon.  Visit to know the details of this product.

FAQS/ About kitty party gift ideas

What can I gift in kitty party?

A kitty party is a social gathering, typically held by women, where small gifts are exchanged. Some ideas for gifts for a kitty party include:

  1. Small household items, such as scented candles, kitchen gadgets, or decorative items
  2. Beauty or spa products, such as lotions, bath salts, or scented candles
  3. Food or drink items, such as chocolates, tea, or coffee
  4. Books or magazines
  5. Personalized gifts, such as monogrammed items or photo frame
  6. Jewelry or accessories, such as scarves, hats, or costume jewelry
  7. Games or puzzles
  8. Art supplies or craft kitit’s

always a good idea to consider the interests and tastes of the person you are giving the gift to when selecting a kitty party gift.

All these products are perfect for kitty party gift ideas. You can consider these products.

What are the rules of kitty party?

Kitty parties can have different rules depending on the group and the individual event. Here are some common rules that are often followed at kitty parties:

1: Attendance: Some kitty parties have a strict attendance policy, requiring all members to attend a certain number of events each year.

2: Contribution: Most kitty parties require members to contribute a set amount of money each month, which is used to fund prizes and other expenses.

3: Gifts: Some kitty parties have rules about the value or type of gifts that can be exchanged. For example, there may be a limit on the cost of the gift, or a requirement that all gifts be handmade.

4: Games and activities: Depending on the group, there may be rules about the types of games and activities that are played at the party.

5: Conduct: It is generally expected that all members will behave in a respectful and appropriate manner at a kitty party.

Overall, the kitty party rules are meant to ensure that the event is enjoyable and fair for all members. 

How do you arrange a kitty party at home?

Here are some steps you can follow to arrange a kitty party at home:

1: Invite your guests: Decide on a guest list and send out invitations. Be sure to include the date, time, and location of the party, as well as any special instructions or requests.

2: Plan the Menu: Consider your guests’ preferences and dietary restrictions when planning the menu.  You can serve a variety of finger foods, appetizers, and drinks.   If you’re hosting a potluck, ask your guests to bring a dish to share.

3: Set up the space: Consider the size of your group and the activities you have planned when deciding on the layout of your party space. Make sure you have enough seating, tables, and space for any games or activities you have planned.

4: Decorate: Add some decorations to create a festive atmosphere. You could use streamers, balloons, or other inexpensive party decorations.

5: Prepare the games and activities: Consider the interests and preferences of your guests when planning the games and activities for your kitty party. You might play card games, board games, or party games like charades or truth or dare.

6: Have fun!  Relax and enjoy, and be sure to thank your guests for coming.  Head over to kitty party gift ideas.


All of the products in this list of kitty party gift ideas are available on Amazon.  And all these products are truly gift-worthy.

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So if you are not satisfied with the product and information given by me and you are looking for even more stuff then you can go to this list, (return gift ideas under 50 rs.) ( return gift ideas under 100 rs. )  In this article, many materials have been explained with complete information, must read them.  Thank you.

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