14k gold flat back stud earrings

14k gold flat back stud earrings

14k gold flat back stud earrings
14k gold flat back stud earrings

14k gold flat back stud earrings.(US)

Avora 14K Yellow Gold Blue & White Imitation Diamond CZ Halo Cartilage Piercing 14k gold flat back stud earrings Body Jewelry( 18 Hand)


This flat back piercing will enjoy the appropriate flicker of this cute cartilage. Made in 018-hand 14K yellow gold, this cartilage piercing/14k gold flat back stud earrings features a sparkling 3mm blue round-shaped simulated diamond cubic zirconia (CZ) stone surrounded by a lower round CZ. An internally threaded backing in a matching color of high polished 14K gold includes a ball flowerbed. It has a length of 6 mm and a range of 5 mm.

HYPOALLERGENIC SAFE DEPOSIT BOX. Avora’s fine jewelry is manufactured with authentic abstract and solid Stamped 10K/14K Gold, 1/20 14K GF or 925 Sterling tableware.

Perfect Gift Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, a special occasion, or simply because jewelry is always the perfect gift. Packaged in a luxurious gift box to ensure a smile on your loved one’s face, this is a perfect buy for ladies and teens.

Crafted in 14K Yellow Gold, this beautiful cartilage is painted with a shimmering blue simulated diamond cubic zirconia (CZ), draped in a halo of lower round-structured white CZ.

It has a length of 6 mm and a range of 5 mm. It features an internally threaded backing ball flower in a matching color of 14K Gold.

The 18 hand Cartilage Piercing / 14k gold flat back stud earrings is 6 mm in length and fits a thin helix or upper cartilage, observation head or forward helix, and a median observation lobe.

Avora uses high quality cubic zirconia imitation diamonds in their jewelry. Boxy Zirconia, or CZ, is a gravestone that is optically so close to a diamond that extreme jewelers cannot tell the difference between a CZ and a diamond with the naked eye.

It resembles the same optic characteristics, luster and beauty as diamond. CZ is much less precious than diamond, is optically irreversible, and can be made in a variety of colors. The biggest difference is that the CZ is 70 heavier than the Diamond. CZ is extremely durable, with a hardness of 8.5 compared to 10 for Diamond.

This body jewelry comes with a 14K stamp to guarantee its authenticity. 14K gold is nickel free and hypoallergenic making this body jewelry safe and comfortable for people with sensitive skin. The body jewelry comes in a beautiful gift box making it perfect for your dear bones.14k gold flat back stud earrings.

Item specification

Brand, Seller, or Collection NameAVORA
Metal stamp14K
MetalYellow Gold
MaterialYellow Gold
Gem TypeCubic Zirconia
Length6 millimeters
Back findingPush Back
Stone Weight0.1800 carats

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